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Active Games for Care Homes | Activities to Share

Keeping active has never been so much fun. As long as it involves movement and fun, it is doing you good. We have something for all tastes - from group activities to those who are happy on their own.

Great group activities can involve a large parachute with a ball to bounce around - this is great for upper body tone (those who are able can also run underneath to get the whole body moving).

Or why not get a game of badmintontennis or table tennis going? Get someone to keep score and have a league table going to make it more competitive. You can play with a balloon instead of a shuttlecock or tennis ball - this is slower to move through the air and leaves more time to position your arm.

With the Olympic Games cancelled this year - why not host your own Olympics? Set up team sports like Softball Tennis, seated BasketballBalloon Swatting and Magnetic Darts. Keep a set of Medals to award to the winners and ensure you have a delicious tea for everyone afterwards!

Active games can give a variety of health benefits, from improving hand/eye coordination, spacial awareness, heart health, muscle tone, improving balance, helping keep healthy weight levels, improving circulation and digestion. It is a great way to bond with others and most importantly - to have fun!

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Toss and Talk Ball - Name a Song


A top favourite with a music theme. Great for recalling all those favourite tunes. Oversized ball that is easy to catch and throw. Care homes love to use these as they can be played seated or standing and encourage chatting and laughing. See video below:


Toss and Talk Ball - Movement


Get everyone stretching and throwing with this fun inflatable Toss and Talk Ball. Throw the ball to your opponent and watch them do the movement that either thumb rests nearest. They may be asked to 'Wash a big tall window' or 'Hit a golf ball'. 60cm diameter ball.


Answer Buzzers set of 4


Set of 4 fun buzzers to use in quizzes and games




A fun inflatable game of Hockey