Active Games For All Abilities

Active Games for Care Homes | Activities to Share

Keeping active has never been so much fun. As long as it involves movement and fun, it is doing you good. We have something for all tastes - from group activities to those who are happy on their own.

Great group activities can involve a large parachute with a ball to bounce around - this is great for upper body tone (those who are able can also run underneath to get the whole body moving).

Or why not get a game of badmintontennis or table tennis going? Get someone to keep score and have a league table going to make it more competitive. You can play with a balloon instead of a shuttlecock or tennis ball - this is slower to move through the air and leaves more time to position your arm.

With the Olympic Games cancelled this year - why not host your own Olympics? Set up team sports like Softball Tennis, seated BasketballBalloon Swatting and Magnetic Darts. Keep a set of Medals to award to the winners and ensure you have a delicious tea for everyone afterwards!

Active games can give a variety of health benefits, from improving hand/eye coordination, spacial awareness, heart health, muscle tone, improving balance, helping keep healthy weight levels, improving circulation and digestion. It is a great way to bond with others and most importantly - to have fun!