Activities can help adults with learning disabilities

A learning disability can affect the way people learn and develop throughout any stage of their life, with specific conditions varying greatly from person to person. Around 1.5 million people in the UK have some kind of learning disability and experience complications with issues such as living independently, understanding complex information and communicating.

Learning disabilities can be moderate, mild or severe, with some people able to live and care for themselves independently and others not. It's thought that around 350,000 of the 1.5 million affected are living with severe disabilities. When it comes to caring for adults with learning disabilities, it is important to provide activities which help to further development and learning. Our care home games and activities can help you to do so.

Activities For Adults With Learning Disabilities

We can offer a large and varied selection of activities designed to help improve the lives of those living with dementia or experiencing difficulties learning as an adult. With an array of jigsaw puzzles, clocks, lighting, crosswords, puzzles, table top games, arts and crafts on offer we are the first choice for many large organisations, care homes and assisted living facilities across the UK and throughout the world. Every product is the result of extensive research and development.

Activities like these can help adults with learning disabilities develop self-advocacy and support them with their social and communication skills. By providing a safe and comfortable environment with pleasant surroundings and beneficial activities to take part in, you are offering people a valuable channel for improving their functioning and stimulating their minds. Many adults who have learning disabilities struggle when trying to gain employment, but activities can help them to become more independent and focused on the project in hand, as well as providing them with engaging activity. Learn more about our care home games and other products by contacting us today.

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