Activity Bundles for Care Home Rainy Days

ATS Bundles - Rainy Days

Our bundles of tabletop games are specially chosen for everyone to enjoy on a rainy day, we have also put these together to assist with residents that are not able to go out on a day trip or go outside, most bundles have a game that can be played with just two people making a one to one session easy to arrange.

Also included are a few Art & Craft products that will be great to use in the garden afterwards or hang in the window.  Why not decorate a tree or bush with some scratch art tags?  Thread some milk bottle tops on to a piece of jute string and hang up - a great sensory sound when the wind blows.

You can still enjoy a garden tea party - indoors! Hang our Bloom Bunting around the room, use our Vintage Cake Stand and play some lighweight games such as Lightweight Boules to make the party go with a swing.

Rainy Days don't need to be boring.

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Watercolour Paint Kit


Become an artist with your very own Watercolour Paint Kit. Makes a lovely gift for anyone that is a budding artist.


Giant Toppling Tower


Stack the blocks and try not to make them fall in this colourful game of crashes! Play against friends and family as you take turns to remove a block from the tower and place it on the top. Watch out though, one false move will bring the whole tower toppling down!

£39.99 £31.99