Bring the summer vibes into any care home with our new 'sunshine orange Activity Cushion. Vibrant and bright, this cushion will help keep fidgety hands busy with its sensory laces, soft fleece material and buttons to undo, whilst bringing in a sense of the outdoors into the indoors.

Our Activity Cushion© is perfect for those with fidgety fingers who are looking for something to comfort and occupy. The cushion comes with lots of attachments, to thread, twist and fidget with. Designed especially for those with living with a dementia like Alzheimers, the attachments have also been chosen to include a sensory feel, with the materials being silky, furry and coarse. Designs will vary.

Handmade in the UK, 2 new colours have been chosen for 2019 to suit any occasion. This cushion's vibrant 'sunshine orange' colour will help brighten up any care home, chosen especially in mind with the summer months coming. It will help to bring a bit of the outdoors into the indoors, along with providing the sensory and tactile enjoyment for an individual with restless fingers.

Don't forget our other new Activity Cushion is also available in olive green if you are looking to create a more calming effect.

Size: (l) 41cm x (w) 41cm. Cushion cover machine washable on a low setting.


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