Set of two tradition bongo drums to add rhythm to your music sessions. One drum has a high tone and one has low. Drumming is proven to help people living with a dementia to engage 'late into the disease because these activities do not require congnitive functioning for feelings of achievement'(Alzheimer's Foundation of America).

Set of two traditional bongo drums to add rhythm to your music sessions. One drum has a high tone and one has low.

'A person’s ability to engage in music, such as drumming and singing, remains intact late into the disease process because these activities do not require cognitive functioning for feelings of achievement. “Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.” Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. Accessed March 31, 2015.'

Makes a great addtion to a music collection for any elderly care home or dementia ward in a hospital.

It can be fun to bang a drum in time with a popular music CD and helps people to participate if they are unable to sing due to speech issues or language barriers.

Drums are well made with tough, durable skins.

Size: Large (dia) 17.5cm. Small (dia) 15cm.

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