Boredom Busters and Simple Fun

Boredom will be a thing of the past with our huge range of fun games and pastimes. From well-loved traditional bingo and dominoes to something just a bit different - we have it all!

Games can help stimulate the brain and keep dementia at bay as well as creating social cohesion.

  • use problem solving skills- games use essential cognitive skills including complex thought and memory formation
  • aid cognitive function - stimulation of mental skills helps with memory retention and alertness
  • encourage social interactioin - engaging with others promotes feelings of well-being and alleviates depression and loneliness
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Let's Talk Occupational Therapy Pack


New! We are now offering access to Occupational Therapy sessions in an easy-to-follow format that can be printed off or used on a laptop or tablet. Special YouTube links are provided for music therapy. Just order in the normal way and we will do the rest! Price is for one pack. Devised by professional Occupational Therapists.


The Art of Conversation Cards


100 cards, each with questions to prompt conversation; for example: "What is your idea of a great day out"? "A particular smell that lingers in your memory?"


Cards Night Bundle


Do you consider yourself to be a Cool Hand Luke? Well, our Cards Night Bundle is the perfect set for a fun evening. Three different card-related games that are suitable for all abilities. Money saving*


Charades Game


So simple and yet so much fun to be had with this vintage-themed Charades game. 100 different things to mime to your group. Great to play anywhere with the minimum of setting up.