Brain Training For The Elderly | Proof It Really Works

Just 60-75 minutes of brain training a day makes all the difference to cognitive abilities, according to a US Government study. Even people aged over 74 found an improvement in their reasoning and processing skills – up on a period of 10 years.

Participants who were given around 10-12 sessions, were found to function higher than others who did not receive the training sessions which included memory, reasoning and processing speed training.  Exercises included recalling word lists and pattern recognition, skills that can help with everyday tasks such as checking road signs whilst driving.

Researchers at Kings College London have also found that exercises in brain training for the elderly can help them with general household tasks such as managing personal finances, shopping and cooking.

Researching Brain Training for The Elderly | Largest Trial Yet

Funded by the Alzheimer’s Society, this research is ‘the largest randomised control trial to date of an online brain training package’, with around 7,000 participants aged over 50, it is the leader in calculating how the results impact on people’s daily lives.

Although it is recognised that as we age, our memory and thinking skills can wane, more acute deterioration can be a sign of a dementia such as Alzheimer’s. Most studies seem to agree that there is a link between mentally stimulating occupations and hobbies such as learning new skills, puzzles and crosswords and lower levels of dementia.

Dr Doug Brown, Director of Research and Development at Alzheimer’s Society states:

“Our research adds to growing evidence that lifestyle interventions may provide a more realistic opportunity to maintain cognitive function, and potentially reduce the risk of cognitive decline in later life, particularly in the absence of any drug treatments to prevent dementia.”

We at Activities to Share also recognise the importance of exercising and brain training for the elderly to stave off developing a dementia like Alzheimer’s.

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