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Four in a Row Game


Traditional favourite, this Four in a Row game is beautifully finished and is made with an eco-friendly wooden construction. The subtle black and grey marker discs fit neatly in the hand. An easy game to play for all abilities especially older people or anyone living with a dementia who will enjoy the tactile feel of 'posting' the discs in the slots at the top. First one to get four in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins the game! Uses cognitive strategy and planning skills. This table top game will be a real winner for busy care home coordinators as it is easy set up and can be wiped clean for safe hygiene.


Humpty Dumpty Wall Game


You will need skill and strategy with this Humpty Dumpty Wall game. Played similarly to Jenga, build the wall, decide who starts..then take it in turn to gently slide out one brick at a time but mind you don't knock poor old Humpty off his wall! Great game that can help practise hand/eye co-ordination and strategic thinking skills. 2 players. Good for activity coordinators to use as a reminiscence therapy aid for older people with dementia. 2 players.

£19.99 £17.59

Large Foam Wonky Tower


Colour coordinated stacking fun - our Large Foam Wonky Tower game is made from easy to grip lightweight foam but can still present a challenge when trying to balance the sloping edges on top of each other. Fun for elderly care home residents to play and can help with hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills and concentration skills. 20 building blocks with varying slopes with 1 playing dice all in a storage bag. Cubes 10cm size.


Large Print Christmas Puzzle Book


Packed full of fun puzzles for varying abilities, our very own Large Print Christmas Puzzle Book is in lovely bold print for easy reading by older care home residents. Simple word searches, crosswords and other enjoyable puzzles to while away a happy afternoon. Makes a great gift for an older loved one and especially good for anyone with a dementia to keep minds active. Can be photocopied for group sessions.