Colour Each Day to Keep Stress Away

It’s official! Adult colouring books are the new phenomenon sweeping not only the UK but now in many other parts of the world. Seen as a way to ‘switch off’ from an increasingly electronic world, people from all walks of life are taking up colouring not only as an individual pastime, but as a group activity.

Colouring Books For The Elderly

We, at Activities to Share, have long been extolling the virtues of adult colouring books and have been regularly supplying older people in care homes, day centres and hospitals for many years. Our wide range includes Reminiscence Picture and Colouring Books which feature images from 1940-1960, Colouring Books for Adults (set of 6 books) which show a detailed pencil outline on one side and a coloured picture of the same image to follow.

For anyone needing something simpler to follow, our Colouring Card set (50 cards) depicts clear, easy to complete designs on cards that will make a lovely gift when completed. Likewise, our Painting Book for Adults is also designed for people with lesser manual dexterity, having simple, bold designs that enable the user to achieve great results.

The images can be coloured using pencil crayons for a subtle finish or felt pens for something more vibrant. Watercolour paints can also be used if preferred; each completed image will be a beautifully unique masterpiece!

For anyone with a dementia such as Alzheimer’s or unsteady hands, our Aquapaintings Easy Set is a great way to achieve professional pictures using only a brush and water. The application of the water magically brings the image to life with the minimum of effort required.

Many who have taken up the hobby have found that the repetitive act of colouring in enables them to ‘lose themselves in the moment’ and can switch off all other thoughts. It is a pastime where anyone can achieve beautiful results and a feeling of satisfaction that they have created something tangible and worthwhile. 

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