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Baby Doll Gloria


Beautiful Gloria will melt anyone's heart. She comes with a removable romper suit, hat, bottle and dummy. Her lower half is bean-filled. Doll therapy is a recognised therapy often used with dementia patients to help rekindle memories of looking after children and give a sense of purpose.


Baby Doll Joy


Baby Doll Joy is sure to melt anyone's heart. Lay her down to sleep and she will close her eyes. Her cute outfit is easily removable and she comes complete with dummy and bottle. Doll therapy is widely recognised for people living with dementia to help evoke nurturing instincts and help with stressful situations. Joy comes with removable clothing, dummy and bottle.


Precious Petzzz - Bertie the Beagle


Bertie the Beagle dog makes a lovable and adorable pet that can actually 'breathe' (battery operated). Precious Petzzz offer real pet ownership experience without the hassle. Ideal for older people living with a dementia such as Alzheimer's as the rhythmic act of stroking can help calm and soothe anxiety. Bertie is velvety soft and comes with his own carrying crate and bed. Precious Petzzz make an ideal gift for a loved one living in a care home and with no fur to worry about, they are suitable for anyone with an allergy to pet hair. Choose from our extensive range of pups, cats and rabbit.


Reminiscence Box© - 1950/60s Household


Reminiscence Box - 1950/60s Household - another in our popular series of Reminiscence Boxes©, with carefully chosen nostalgic items that would have been used in a typical domestic household. Items are highly tactile and are designed to trigger past memories and encourage conversation and discussion about people's experiences. Ideal for dementia discussion groups in care homes.