Fidget Therapy Aids - Dexterity Activities

Wooden Lacing Blocks - Activities to Share

Anyone with restless hands will enjoy working with any of our extensive range of activities. Well-made robust items, many made from natural wood, that utilise learnt skills such as screwing nuts and bolts, assembling cogs and gears or lacing and threading giant wooden beads and blocks.

Our locks and latches boxes are ideal to keep busy with - especially those living with dementia. Each has a variety of different bolt, lock with key and latches to do and undo. One even has a slot for the post!

These activities can help relieve stress and will keep people occupied in a constructive way and can often lead to conversation opportunities. Anyone living with a dementia such as Alzheimer's can find products such as these will help to keep them occupied in a meaningful way and often leads to reminiscence discussion about their past working life or household-related tasks.