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Life Story Work with People with Dementia by Polly Kaiser and Ruth Eley


Introducing life story work, a way for people with dementia to connect with their relatives, carers and the professionals working with them. This evidence-based book explains the many benefits of life story work, with practical guidance for introducing it in a variety of settings. hat care and support they may need now and in the future, by taking into account their past and their future wishes and aspirations. The book includes practical information on how to get started, ethical considerations such as consent and confidentiality, and considers issues of diversity and how to address them.


Positive Communication by Robin Dynes


The effects of social interaction and engagement with older people have been proven to considerably improve quality of life and emotional wellbeing. This book comes packed with ready-to-use activities for groups of older people, aimed at connecting individuals, developing their self-esteem, and encouraging personal expression and independence.


Red Party Pack (20 people)


Our vibrant Red Party Pack provides the perfect answer for busy care homes. Suitable for 20 people, each has a plate, cup, napkin, knife, fork and spoon. Ideal for keeping hygiene levels low and avoid any COVID-19 cross-contamination. Why not team with our Green Table Cover and party balloons? The contrasting colours help older people with sight impairment differentiate between the colours. Can be used for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year and garden parties too.


Sensory Modulation in Dementia Care by Tina Champagne


Understand and assess the sensory needs of people with dementia, and learn how to implement sensory modulation-based approaches for enriched care. It includes a range of sensory-based activities which can be carried out with people at all stages of dementia, both with individuals and in groups. The book also provides recommendations for modifying physical environments to make care settings sensory-enriched