Covid-19: Easy Clean Activities

Easy Clean Activities

With the current pandemic of COVID-19, and concerns of suitable, safe activities to use in care homes and for older people, we have gathered a selection of activity products that are easy to keep clean and avoid cross-contamination with others. Many are washable plastic but some are fabric and can be washed. All are designed to provide a safe, fun experience and keep boredom at bay.

Pentominoes are smooth plastic shapes that can be arranged into a wide range of patterns and can be fully immersed into a bowl of soapy water. The same can be done with our Lightweight Plastic Boules set for those who are up for some energetic fun.

To stimulate the memory, why not play a game of matching the titles with our Match the... sets - choose from songs, catchphrases, film titles, well known sayings or meals. All are made from lightweight foam tiles that can easily be wiped clean with sanitiser spray.

Or for some cosy comfort with added extra attachments to keep hands busy, Activity Blankets and Hand Cosies are the perfect answer and all are machine washable.