COVID-19 Activities - Keep Active

During lockdown, it is essential to keep fit and healthy and our range of fun items are perfect to get you going. Busy carers love Julie Robinson's Move it or Lose it range of DVDs - just get everyone to set a safe distance apart and follow her lead. All are designed for older bodies with gentle stretches to music. Why not invest in some Resistance Bands to help (or old tights will also do the job).

However, not all care homes have to keep residents apart, so for you there are a wealth of fun games for throwing, bowling and batting to keep arms and the upper body toned (and keep everyone laughing too!).

A giant inflatable ball can be bounced or balanced between feet if exercise has to be taken in isolation - we have a number of lightweight balls that are easily disinfected between use too.

For our full range - visit our Keeping Active category.