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Fox and Bee Felt Stickers


Fun soft touch felt self-adhesive stickers that will add a countryside feel to any project. Lovely and tactile, these are great for anyone with a dementia to peel and stick to decorated plant pots or greetings cards. Approx. 4cm size.


Tissue Paper Black (15 Sheets)


Black tissue paper sheets that are great for a black background to add neon flashes for firework pictures or why not add cotton wool balls for snowy skies. So versatile for all types of art and craft projects. 15 sheets.


Crochet Hook (Set of 6)


Set of six steel crochet hooks 4mm that are just the thing to crochet your own Poppies to honour those that gave their lives in times of conflict. Steel body makes it easy to slide the wool along and are fully washable. Crochet is a lovely way for older people to relax and be creative and following a pattern engages the brain to help stave off boredom.


Rhinestones Large (200g)


Add beauty and opulence to any craft project with our set of assorted large rhinestones. Just glue and stick to anything to give glamour and sparkle. the larger size makes it easier for older hands to grip and gives quick professional effects. Assorted colours and sizes.


Easter Bonnet - Ladies


Pretty straw hat - ideal for adding flowers, chicks etc for Easter celebrations. Cool and lightweight, once the decorations come off it can double up as a summer hat for the days ahead.

From £6.29

Easter Hat - Man


Stylish lightweight hat just waiting for some Easter embellishment - why not decorate with some Easter chicks and rabbits. Our range of craft accessories has everything you need to make a hat to be proud of.

From £6.29

Paper Flowers for Craft (Pack of 6)


So versatile, these assorted paper flowers are ideal to use in a variety of craft ideas, great for Easter bonnets, collage pictures or add a stem and make an attractive flower display that will never wilt! Pack of 6 flowers. Please note colours may vary.


Butterfly Embellishments (Pack of 3)


Large card butterfly embellishments with jewelled wings that will catch the light and enhance any craft project. Ideal to add to an Easter bonnet or display. 10.5cm wide. Colours may vary.


Mini Glitter Eggs (Pack of 60)


Oh so pretty, glittery egg set just perfect for decorating Easter Bonnets, baskets and many other craft projects. Made from lightweight polystyrene, this assorted pack will add fun to any art session. 6 colours in each pack.


Mini Tubs (Set of 3)


Useful mini tubs that are ideal for storing anything especially craft items or can be used for Easter decorative baskets. Fully washable and come with neat handles on each side. What will you use yours for?

From £1.80

Family of 4 Wooden Dolls


Wooden doll set - family of adult male, adult female, girl and boy with pet dog. All wood construction with flexible poseable arms and legs. Fully dressed and great for role play - especially good for anyone with a dementia or learning disablity.


Gardeners Couple


Role play is regularly used with anyone living with a dementia and our small wooden doll sets are ideal for patients to handle and move around a raised garden or planter. The dolls have flexible arms and legs and are all-wooden construction. Set includes one male and one female farmer with accessories.


Family of 6 Wooden Dolls


Role play is regularly used with anyone living with a dementia and our small wooden doll sets are ideal for patients to handle and move around a raised garden or planter. The dolls have flexible arms and legs and are all-wooden construction. Set includes one each male and female grandparents, one each male and female parents and one each girl and boy.


Foam Hearts and Flowers (Pack of 250)


So versatile, these foam hearts and flower shapes come in assorted colours and sizes and can be used for anything and everything. Make Valentine's day cards or Birthday cards for a loved one, or just use to make a decorative craft project. 250 pieces.


Giant Bug Cutters (Pack of 4)


Set of four cutters in the shapes of butterfly, ladybird, beetle, snail and moth. Ideal for making fun biscuits or with play dough for both younger and older crafty people. Why not make some baked dough bugs and attach to sticks to use in the garden.


Vegetable Cutters (Set of 6)


Now you can have your five-a-day with our fun vegetable shaped cutter set. One each of mushroom, pepper, carrot, courgette, oinion and aubergine in washable plastic. Great to make funky biscuits or why not make from salt dough for garden patch markers.


Easter Wood Buttons (Pack of 25)


Easter egg decorated wooden buttons are great to use for decorating greetings cards etc. Why not use on an Easter-themed piece of wall art? Set of 25 so enough for a group activity session, 2 holes punched through so could be used for a mobile or window decoration too. Also ideal for Easter Bonnets!


DIY Plain Linen Bunting Set (12 Pennants) *OUT OF STOCK


Design your own bunting with our fabric set, just waiting to be either printed or embroidered etc to bring it alive. Can be painted with fabric paints, marker pens, ribbons, glitter glue, ribbons etc - the choice is endless. Comes with its own hanging string.


Cardboard Modelling Tubes (Pack of 75 Assorted)


Assorted cardboard tubes for a wide array of craft projects. 25 each of 4cm, 3.5cm and 2.5cm dia sturdy tubes that can be used for pen storage, paper flower vase or grow seedlings. So many uses and eco-friendly too!


Animal Cutters (6 Assorted)


These farm animal shaped cutters are great for making biscuits or with salt dough to paint and decorate. Why not make a mobile hanging? One each of duck, pig, horse, rabbit, sheep and cow in washable plastic.


Animal Print Card and Shapes (Pack of 12)


Our fun animal print card gives a jungle feel to any craft project. Assorted prints in zebra, leopard, snakeskin etc with 5 animal shapes included. Great for card-making, wall decoration, mobiles etc. A4 sturdy card.


Mirror Card A4 (Pack of 10 Sheets)


Lovely reflective mirror-finish card to add 'polish' to any craft project. 10 sheets of assorted colours that can be cut into geometric shapes to make a mosaic effect or for personalised home-made cards.


Adhesive A5 Rainbow Sheet


Shimmering metallic rainbow effect self-adhesive sheet that is perfect for all types of art and craft use. Why not cut shapes for home made cards or can be used to jazz up a plain plant pot or photograph frame. A5 single sheet.


Sequin Craft Cloth


Create your own sequin embellishment for a t-shirt or even home-made card with this sequin cloth. So much simpler than sewing on individually and if you pass your hand over, the sequins flip over to show a different colour!


Hanging Ribbon (2m)


Versatile craft ribbon that is perfect for hanging artwork along with our miniature pegs (code: ART94). Made from natural cotton, the two metre length is long enough for most projects. Why not use for an eco-friendly gift wrapped parcel?


Mini Hanging Pegs (Pack of 75)


Mini wooden pegs that are perfect for hanging artwork displays. Can also be used for card making as a novel way to attach a photograph or image to the front. Eco-friendly wood and metal. Large pack of 75 pegs so great for group craft sessions.