Men in Their Sheds - Activities For Men in Care Homes

Construction Set

Many older men will have been used to working with their hands, be it for their work or for a hobby. Some will enjoy having the opportunity to handle tools and bang, twist, screw etc using the tactile actions that would have been familiar. This is especially useful for anyone living in a care home with dementia as the actions can trigger dormant memories and help encourage conversation and sharing experiences with others in a similar situation. Why not include our Workbench to keep them busy or our wooden Construction Set that gives an endless variety of ways to construct working models.

These actions can help improve hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills as well as keeping concentration levels high and alleviating boredom.

Make a real difference and make a corner to resemble a shed interior? A wooden bench with a 'window' looking out onto a garden scene (take a look at our peel and stick murals) or ring us to talk about a bespoke mural to depict a shed wall with tools hanging?.

Our range of products are just the job to get the chaps involved and chatting together over a cuppa!

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Sunflower Grow Kit


Everyone loves a cheerful sunflower and our Sunflower Growing Kit has everything you need to get yours started. Once the seeds germinate, they will grow fast - why not have a competition to see who can grow the tallest? Or the largest flowerhead? Once replanted outside, the flowers will attract a variety of pollinating insects and the heads can be dried and left out for the birds to feast on the seeds in the autumn. Makes an ideal tactile activity for any care home residents.


Toss and Talk Ball - All About Men


One just for the gentlemen - our newest Toss and Talk Ball - All About Men is the perfect way to spend a morning. Can be played seated or standing -just toss the ball and talk about the item your thumb is closest to. Lots of fun subjects i.e: 'Military Rankings in the Army' or 'Types of Breeds of Dog' - something for everyone. Incorporates gentle upper body exercise and keep the brain cells ticking over too! Great for care home residents to play.


Dress Up Wooden Mannequin - Gentleman


Create your own outfits for this sporty fellow - add the colours of your favourite football team. Five different sports outfits including tennis and cricket - masters supplied for photocopying. Figure stands independently - stand just slots together. Height 57cm.


Acrylic Paint Set - Pastel Shades (12 pk)


A stunning selection of 12ml acrylic paints in pastel shades, a great addition to your art box


Acrylic Paint Set - Neon (6pk)


Six bright and bold neon paint set to make your artwork stand out! Mix with our other colours to create a stunning masterpiece.


Large Canvas Art Board


Create your masterpiece on this 16 x 20-inch canvas and hang it proudly on the wall


Architects Threading Designs


Create your own house with this Architects Threading Designs set. Shaped wooden pieces that are sewn together to make up different sized buildings - you choose how to design them. You can create your own village or maybe one larger building? Laces are easily passed through the holes - no needle needed. Perfect for older people as keeps minds engaged and can help improve hand/eye coordination. Also utilises spacial awareness, colour coordination and symmetry.


Modelling Tools


A Modelling tool kit for use with White Dry Air Clay or Play Dough to sculpt the perfect design


Medium Wooden House Kit (3mm plywood)


Create your own village starting with this Medium Wooden House Kit. LIghtweight 3mm plywood pre-cut pieces to slot together and then decorate to your own taste. Give it a name? Roses round the door? It's up to you. Makes a fun creative activity for older people and can be done with social distancing as each person has their own low-cost kit. Can be sealed with varnish to make it withstand the elements outside.


Tall Wooden House Kit (3mm plywood)


Make your own 3D Tall Wooden House with this fun kit. Contains everything you need to make a pretty model townhouse for decorating to your own taste. Why not use it as a pretty nightlight with a Flickering LED tealight inside? Or place a trailing plant inside for the fronds to gently cascade from the lower door and windows. Makes a great craft project for older care home residents, who will enjoy the assembly and decoration of the houses.


Memorabilia Pack - Football Nostalgia


For football fans everywhere - this set is packed full of football memorabilia of yesteryear. Nostalgic replica items include: World Cup poster, Football Hints booklet, Community Song Sheet and so much more! Great for reminiscing and also for memory lane displays in care homes.


My Day


A card placement game designed for those with dementia


Large Print Sports Puzzle Book


A selection of sport themed puzzles to keep your mind busy


Large Print Garden Puzzle Book


Large and Bold Printed Puzzle Book, ideal for garden lovers.


Memories of Working Life 1950's & 1960's


From the Pictures to Share range this new title will bring back memories of a typical days work

£24.99 £19.99

Memories of Leisure Time - 1950's & 1960's


Pictures to Share Books are ideal to aid in reminiscent sessions either on a 1-2-1 or group basis

£24.99 £19.99

Memories of Music - 1950's & 1960's


Lovely pictures to aid in conversation or just to look at while listening to some classics

£24.99 £19.99

Wall Panel - Wobbly Discs


A Visual Sensory Wall Panel with Rotating Discs along Rods


Dice Poppers set of 2


Set of 2 caged dice


Keep Sake Pack


Store your days to remember