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250 Large Piece Puzzle - Fill Her Up Please


Enjoy reminiscing about the good old days when the garage attendant would personally fill your care with petrol. There's even an Austen Mini and Ford Capri to bring back memories too! This jigsaw puzzle would make a great gift idea for an older loved one and has larger-than-average 3.6cm pieces for easy gripping.


250 Large Piece Puzzle - Five a Side


This cosy fireside scene is inviting for all puzzle enthusiasts and especially for the dog lovers. Large, easy to handle pieces with a picture for guidance.


250 Large Piece Puzzle - Garden Party


O - Oh - looks like the cat has got the cream while the backs are turned! This jigsaw puzzle will remind you of warm summer days and yummy picnics in the garden or park. Larger-than-average 3.6cm pieces for easier gripping.


250 Large Piece Puzzle - Gentle Giants


These giant beauties will appeal to any puzzle lover. the rustic scene of a farmer ploughing the field in the old traditional way will evoke many a memory from the past for older people. This puzzle makes a great gift idea for an older loved one.