Boredom Busters - Dice Cards and Bingo

With ten types of bingo to choose from, you know you have come to the right place. From Nature Bingo, Dog, Cat and Bird Bingo through to Musical Bingo - there is something for all tastes here. For anyone with a sight impairment, try our Large Print Bingo Cards too.

Dice games are also very popular and we offer some great choices - for a fun twist why not try our Jumbo Foam Dice, or Dice Dome that just sees a push to send the dice spinning around.

Let's Talk is a card game that will help to get everyone chatting and finding out about each other - and can be played with everyone keeping a safe distance too during Lockdown.

For the evening, the Casino Games Set is great for a little gamble (but don't lose your shirt!)

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The Art of Conversation Cards


100 cards, each with questions to prompt conversation; for example: "What is your idea of a great day out"? "A particular smell that lingers in your memory?"


Cards Night Bundle


Do you consider yourself to be a Cool Hand Luke? Well, our Cards Night Bundle is the perfect set for a fun evening. Three different card-related games that are suitable for all abilities. Money saving*