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Everyone loves a game of bingo, and with ten types of bingo to choose from, you know you have come to the right place!

From Nature Bingo, Dog, Cat and Bird Bingo through to Musical Bingo played as a CD - there is something for all tastes here. Take a look at our Large Print Bingo Cards too that are great for anyone who is sight impaired with easy-to-see large bold numbers and images. We also have Jumbo sized playing cards for group games such as Play Your Cards Right - ideal for a fun group activity.

Dice games are also very popular and we offer some great choices - for a fun twist why not try our easy grip lightweight Giant Foam Dice, or Dice Dome that just sees a push to send the dice spinning around - the perfect choice to avoid losing dice on the floor or for older people who may have difficulty in gripping

Many elderly people like to play traditional card games such as Whist or Rummy. Normal playing cards can be difficult to see so we can offer our Large Print Playing cards that have large, bold numbers and images to help. Or go really large and use our Giant Playing Cards for group games such as Play Your Cards Right - ideal for a fun group activity.  The Art of Conversation is a great card game that will help to get everyone chatting and finding out about each other - and can be played with everyone keeping a safe distance too during Lockdown. Makes an ideal way for new care home residents to bond with others.

For the evening, the Casino Games Set is great for a little gamble - but don't lose your shirt!

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Story Cubes - Rescue


Story Cubes are the perfect way to get a story started Just roll the three dice and see which images are uppermost then use these to begin your tall tale! Great for telling stories 'in the round' where each person in a group takes up the unfinished tale and continues. Good tactile fun and Ideal for encouraging conversation for older residents in care homes. 18 different symbols including: bomb, drowning, life jacket, 'help' and many more to make an exciting tale.


Answer Buzzers set of 4


Set of 4 fun buzzers to use in quizzes and games


Dice Poppers set of 2


Set of 2 caged dice