This is a fantastic set for encouraging communication and fun in care homes. People suffering with memory loss may well still remember childhood fairy tales, and even if they can't this came can be played in a completely open and creative fashion.

Activity Ideas

  • You could lay out all the pieces and then try and find the pieces that belong together for a well known fairy tale.
  • You could sort the pieces by the colours on the back (which reprent: Places, People, Animals, and Things) and then have players pick one of each colour and then using the cards as prompts create their own fairy tale.
  • You could sit the players in a circle or around a table and then in turn have everyone take a tile - the first person starts the story with what they have on their tile and then the next person takes over the story incorporating what they have on their tile. See where the story takes you.
  • You could use some of tiles as prompts for a game of charades
  • Try laying out a traditional fairy tale and then allow players to alter the story by exchanging tiles and retelling the tale in their own special way

Create endless imaginative storytelling with this Fairy Tale Creation Game.

Place the wooden cards face downwards and throw the wooden Jewel Dice, turn all those cards with the same colour face up and they become your story guides.

With 56 different images to use no story will ever be the same.

Makes a good activity for older people with early-mid onset dementia as it helps to stimulate memories and recall past stories from childhood.

Why not play as a group activity - helps to stimulate conversation for care home residents.

The all-wooden construction makes this a lovely tactile game and the chunky cards and dice are easy to grip for older hands.

Set comes with instructions and is housed in a wooden storage box.

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Set includes:

  • 56 wooden picture cards
  • 1 x wooden jewel dice
  • instructions
  • wooden storage box

Size: picture cards (l) 15cm x (w) 10cm x (d) 0.3cm thick, wooden box (l) 21cm x (w) 18cm x (d) 12cm, fairy tale cube (l) 3.5cm x (w) 3.5cm x (d) 3.5cm.