First Drug Breakthrough to Treat Alzheimer's Disease

First Drug Breakthrough to Treat Alzheimer's Disease

Drugs giant Biogen have released results about a new drug that can dramatically slow down the process of Alzheimer's disease. Up until now there has been no drug that has been effective in treating this devastating disease that affects around 500,000 people in the UK and tens of millions worldwide.

While there have been some drugs that can control some symptoms for short periods, nothing major has been approved for the last fifteen years and nothing that has been effective on the causes of Alzheimer's.

The drug, Aducanumab fights the amyloid plaques, clusters of toxic sticky protein, that build up in the brain and 'clog' up the function of the brain activity. Biogen had been trialing the drug for some time and it was thought to be ineffective but results from smaller groups of patients who had been taking the drug for more than eighteen months, showed that higher doses gave the best results, especially for those in the earlier stages of the disease.

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24/10/2019 10:02
This is great news! Let's hope it is the start of a real cure for this devastating disease.