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For any self-respecting exercise session, a variety of extra fun accessories can make all the difference. Some people find it difficult to get motivated but give the opportunity to shake a feather boa or cheerleader pom poms and they're up and ready!

Why not try using Chiffon Scarves to wave during a musical singing session to tone up upper arms? Or Bean Bag Scarves are smaller bean bags with floaty scarves attached that slow down the speed when throwing or catching (you can also use them for a slow game of tennis or badminton?)

People with a sight impairment might enjoy using the Confetti Sound Ball - it makes a sound like rain as the little beads roll around the inside, this helping to hear it's location. Also our easy-grip Spike Ball has soft pimples for easy gripping and has a great tactile feel too.

Many of our fitness games and accessories are highly suitable for both seated and standing play, so are ideal for anyone in a wheelchair. A large parachute or an Octaband© can be the perfect way to keep upper bodies toned and are a fun way to exercise in a group.

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Exercise Resistance Loop - Black


This Exercise Resistance Loop - Black is ideal for people of all abilities. Can be used to tone up weak or underused muscles in older bodies. Used regularly, this loop can help avoid trip and falls and help with balance and wellbeing. Makes a great fitness accessory for care home residents.


Toss and Talk Ball - Movement


Get everyone stretching and throwing with this fun inflatable Toss and Talk Ball. Throw the ball to your opponent and watch them do the movement that either thumb rests nearest. They may be asked to 'Wash a big tall window' or 'Hit a golf ball'. 60cm diameter ball.