Fitness and Fun for Physically Disabled

Fitness and Fun for Physically Disabled

We all want to stay fit and healthy and this is especially important for people with a physical disability. Older people may have difficulty in accessing their local sports facilities and for people living in a care home may the staff may not be on hand to organise transport and assistance.

Even if someone uses a wheelchair with limited mobility, it is still important to try to exercise regularly, the optimum is around 20 minutes a day and to do something that raises the heart rate sufficiently to get out of breath*. There are a number of key reasons for this:

  • Improve muscle tone and strength
  • Improve reaction time
  • Better balance
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved co-ordination
  • Sense of wellbeing
  • Improved sleep patterns

Activities don’t always have to be based on traditional sports; there are many fun activities that use throwing skills and will in turn improve upper body strength (especially good for those unable to stand).

Parachute Games

These huge, fun parachutes come in 8 handled or 12 handled sizes (4 or 6 people) and are great to billow up and down in a group. For more ideas, why not try the Parachute Activities CD especially designed to accompany the parachutes.


These work best in a group and come in 8 or 16 leg versions. Stretchy legs can be pulled and twisted in any direction, so are ideal for exercising upper bodies, arm and hands. Can be used with music too.

Sit to Get Fit

Julie Robinson’s gentle seated exercises are suitable for people of all abilities. Set to classic tunes, this is the perfect CD to use for a daily moderate workout.

Move it or Lose it

Two DVD levels to choose from, DVD1 is designed for those who are unable to stand. Both are set to music for a fun way to improve fitness.

Bean Bag Number Toss

A fun way to improve fitness and numeracy skills at the same time! Throw the beanbags into the numbered pockets and add up/subtract/multiply/divide the numbers – it’s up to you.

Percussion Set

For anyone with a sight impairment, this fantastic set of tactile instruments can be used to accompany music CDs and will get arms and hands moving with the music. Choose from 9 different sound effects, these are ideal for group sessions.

*Please note: For anyone with a medical condition, check with a healthcare professional before undergoing any exercise. If participants experience chest pain, dizziness or feel faint, stop immediately and see a doctor.

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