Smells are a great way to bring back vivid memories and trigger conversation for everyone. A unique sensory reminiscence activity - ideal for older people.

Smells are a great way to bring back memories and trigger conversation for everyone. A unique sensory reminiscence activity for older people with a dementia like Alzheimer's.

We all have smells that remind us of certain people or places, but for people with dementia sensory stimulation of the sense of smell is particularly effective. Follow Your Nose is a unique game that is designed to tap directly into those memories

It is a traditional board game with a difference. The aim is to select a flask, have a go at guessing the smell, then to match the flask with the correct picture card.

For people with dementia, reminiscence activities that stimulate the sense of smell are particularly effective. Follow Your Nose can trigger many memories from the past

Set includes:

30 sealed aroma flasks. Smells include lemon, coconut, soap, rose and firewood and many more, 5 game cards (17cm x 11cm) and instructions.

Size: Box (l) 34cm x (w) 28 x (d) 4cm.  

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