Gardening For Care Home Residents

Gardening for All

Hooray for springtime! Now that the daylight hours are lengthening and the sun is shining more, we can look forward to getting out in the garden and enjoying some sunny warmth.

Now is the perfect time to sow some seeds and our seed kits have everything you need. Choose from Aromatic HerbsSummer Flowers and now NEW Sunflower growing kits. These make a lovely sensory and tactile activity for older people of all abilities and provide long lasting enjoyment in watching the seedlings grow and mature.

Once they are large enough - transplant them into the garden - anyone who has difficulty in gripping garden tools can use our Easi Grip range that includes Easi Grip Cultivator, Easi Grip TrowelEasi Grip Weeder and an Arm Support Cuff to help add strength to weaker wrists.

The birds are starting to look for nesting sites and what could be better than making your own personalised box to watch the comings and goings of a new feathered family? Our Wooden Birdhouse Kits make 12 nestboxes and come in pre-cut pieces with glue and paint -ready for you to add your own design.

Have fun watching them using our binoculars and then maybe relax and do some gentle colouring with our Meaningful Memories Project book - you can learn all about the different species while doing so. And you can still enjoy birdsong and the sounds of nature even when the weather is rainy with our Birdsong and Waterfall Nature CD. Why not play it in the background to add a soothing sound to any craft or relaxation session.

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Make Your Own Polystyrene Wreath


*MULTIBUY OFFER. Make your own personalised room or door decoration with our Polystyrene Wreath. Paint it, then attach anything you fancy, from greenery from the garden that easily pushes into the lightweight wreath, to dried flowers, berries and ribbon - you could even push in some brightly coloured feathers for a fun quirky decoration. Makes an easy tactile craft activity for older people in care homes - especially good for anyone with a dementia or sight impairment.

From £1.79

Large Print Garden Puzzle Book


Large and Bold Printed Puzzle Book, ideal for garden lovers.


Rainbow Bunting


Large flags of bright colours


Easy Grip Gardening Set


All you need to help keep the garden looking great


Hobby Bundle - Watch the Birds


Bring added interest to your outdoor space with our birdwatching kit.