Gardening For Care Home Residents

Gardening for All

It may be winter but gardens can still provide interest even in the chilliest weather. Hang some bird feeders around and especially near a window so you can watch their antics each day. Why not get a group together and make our Bird Feeders and place a variety of seeds and fatballs in each to see which species visit your garden.

Have fun watching them using our binoculars and then maybe relax and do some gentle colouring with our Meaningful Memories Project book - you can learn all about the different species while doing so.

Even though it is too cold to grow much outside, why not bring the garden indoors and have a go at planting our new seed kits. Choose from Aromatic Herbs Growing Kit or Winter Vegetable Growing Kit. These make a great group activity and you could have a competition to see whose seedlings appear first! It's a great way to get them started and the vegetables are winter hardy so can be planted outside when large enough.

Any evergreen foliage can be gathered and brought inside to use for aromatic wreaths and table decorations - pine, ivy and eucalyptus are ideal to use but be careful of holly prickles and remember the berries are poisonous (as are mistletoe berries).