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Large Print Sudoku Book


Sudoku with a difference - now in a Large Print Sudoku Book designed specially for older people in care homes who may have sight impairment or for anyone with dementia who needs simpler clues. Lovely bold outlines in a spiral-bound book that can be photocopied for staff to use again and again for group activities making this very cost-effective. Why not team with our Large Print Maze Book too?


Mini Sudoku - Jewels


Just like the Full Size version, this Mini Sudoku is played in the same way using coloured jewel-inset wooden pieces. This version uses a 6 x 6 grid and the colour must only appear once in each row. Game promotes logical thinking, colour differentiation and visual perception as well as aiding concentration. Ideal activity for older people in a care home to keep boredom at bay. Large pieces for easy grip.


Mini Wonky Towers


Mini Wonky Towers is played by rolling the dice and seeing which colours come on top. Select the corresponding stones and try to stack them in a tower - the sloping edges make this a challenge, can you do it before the timer runs out? Game promotes dexterity, concentration and good hand/eye coordination - especially good activity for care home residents and for anyone living with a dementia.


Paint By Numbers - Mystical Unicorn


Older people in care homes can get professional results every time with this Paint by Numbers - Mystical Unicorn design. Kit contains everything you need to create your own masterpiece - just match the colours to its counterpart numbered area - it's so easy. Makes a great activity for all abilities and can help with relaxation and mindfulness. Creative pastimes can be a great way to achieve a level of achievement and satisfaction, especially with older people living in care homes.