Specially requested by hospital and care home staff, this pocket cushion has 9 different attachments to keep restless hands busy. Ideal for individual use. See video below:

Specially requested by hospital and care home staff, our pocket hand cushion is covered with 9 different attachments to keep hands busy.

Ideal for individual use, the pad is competitively priced to allow patients or residents to keep for their own use.

9 tactile attachments on a soft, fleecy backing include:

  • Sliding buckle
  • Zip
  • 3 x differently shaped wooden chunky beads on a rope
  • 4 x differently textured fabric loops

People with a dementia like Alzheimer's often have restless hands, our portable cosy hand cushion can help to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Size: Approx. 15cm². Pad fabric: polyester fleece. Attachments: varied.


See product video below:

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