Stimulating memories for people with Dementia

Dementia refers to the various symptoms that present themselves as a result of cognitive decline. It is very important to encourage people with dementia to engage in activity as the condition develops. Remaining stimulated and occupied can improve the quality of life and can also help their loved ones interact with them and maintain a feeling of familiarity and connection.

Activities for people with dementia and the elderly help to promote and encourage independence. This leads to easier communication and greater social inclusion. Activities are not only a great opportunity for fun and exercise, but they also help the person express their feelings and engage with the people around them.

It is beneficial to use activities that hold some connection to the person's past and personal interests and hobbies in order to trigger memories. By keeping a person active and interested, it helps to retain a sense of self sufficiency, along with promoting a sense of community and belonging.

Stimulating Memories For People With Dementia

Even simple tasks, such as folding a tablecloth, can have a positive effect. There are many activities that relate to past responsibilities, such as raising young children and running a home, which help people to feel important and valuable. Stimulating memories for those with dementia enable them to feel connected to normal life which affords them choice and control and helps them retain as much personal autonomy as possible.

Leading a physical lifestyle can have an extremely positive impact on general well being. Exercise benefits people with dementia as it does anyone else. It can also improve mental health and can result in significant improvements in the quality of life at all stages of dementia.

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