A fun inflatable game of Hockey

Inflatable Candy Canes and beach balls make this an easy clean, easy store and easy fun game.

Comes with a set of 12 bean bags for you to set up 2 teams, space 4 beanbags on the floor or grass leaving enough room to slalum in between, place 2 beanbags as goal posts at the end of each run.

You will need a person palying 'back stop' to get the ball and pass it back to the team for the next player to go.

If you have seated or wheelchair users, this game can still be played by putting the people in a row of 3 each with a candy cane, hit the ball to each other along the line and the last person shoots to the goal, the last person then moves to the first person position.

You can also have a game in the garden of 3-a-side hockey and have a knockout tournament, use the beanbags to mark out the corners (or use our chalk spray to mark out a pitch) and goal posts.

Mix it up with balloons and swatters or just balloons.

These are just a few suggestions - have fun and see what else you and your residents can make up with this kit.

Kit consists of:

6 x Candy Canes - 90cm inflatable

2 x Beach Balls - medium inflatable

12 Bean Bags