Jigsaw Puzzles 4-25 Pieces For All Abilities

From as few as four pieces, our large piece, chunky puzzles are easy to grip for all abilities to enjoy. Choose from wood, card or plastic, they are easily wiped clean and the plastic puzzles can be fully washed for good hygiene practices.

Magnetic puzzles are great for anyone in mid to late stage dementia as the pieces can be arranged differently time and time again - many will enjoy arranging their own baking cupboardsewing box or tool shed, and these can be used with reminiscence therapy sessions to invoke dormant memories from the past.

For an all-round activitiy, take a look at our Hand Crafted Wooden Puzzles, these can come in plain wood waiting for your own decoration, and then assembled. The natural cedar wood pieces are a joy to handle. Made by a local craftsman, each is unique and long lasting.