Jigsaw Puzzles for All Abilities

Construction Sound Tools Puzzle 8 chunky pieces

Jigsaw puzzles are enjoyed by everyone and now there are puzzles to suit all levels of ability. All are suitable for adults and come in a range of materials from chunky, natural wood, durable board and washable plastic. Many older people find it difficult to grip and manipulate tiny puzzle pieces, so our thicker wooden puzzles are the ideal choice and will last much longer too!

Assembling puzzles engages a part of the brain that allows complete focus and thus helps rest other areas, allowing the mind to 'switch off' from stress and other worries. The act of fitting the shapes into the correct space give a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment - very important for older people and especially so for anyone living with dementia.

Our puzzles range from as few as four large pieces (ideal for those with later stage dementia or learning disabilities) and go up to 500 large pieces. Choose from cute farm animals to engaging scenic views that will be a joy to complete and all our scenes are adult-appropriate.

To help in between assembling, our Jigsaw Roll keeps pieces from moving about and allows the whole jigsaw to be rolled up incomplete, ready for the next time.

Jigsaws make a great gift idea for an older relative or care home residents - take a look at our extensive range, there really is something to suit everyone.