Karaoke DVDs for Care Homes

Karaoke DVDs for Care Homes

We have images of what karaoke looks and sounds like at a party or in a bar, but how does this translate to a care home environment?

Firstly, the choice of songs is important, they don’t need to be as boisterous as your typical karaoke night and need to be in keeping with your residents.

Residents might be more willing to engage if everyone sings along together as opposed to having to sing by themselves. Our range of Karaoke DVDs cover a range of musical tastes, from Frank Sinatra and the 1950s Hits, 60s hitmakers The Beatles and Rolling Stones through to our Grease/Saturday Night Fever Karaoke DVD. Why not make it really fun and dress up using our Dress Up and Sing Bag - wigs, inflatable guitars and everything you need to get everyone joining in.

Singing is a great group activity and can have lots of lasting benefits, from triggering past memories to helping give a real feeling of wellbeing and happiness. Why not add some instruments to play along with too?