Let's Talk Occupational Therapy Pack

New! We are now offering access to Occupational Therapy sessions in an easy-to-follow format that can be printed off or used on a laptop or tablet. Special YouTube links are provided for music therapy. Just order in the normal way and we will do the rest! Price is for one pack. Devised by professional Occupational Therapists.

The Let’s Talkresource can create quality time, connections and conversations on a one-to-one basis.

The Let’s Talk... resource has been designed and created by Occupational Therapists.

The Let’s Talk... resource will provide:-

  • User-friendly activities in an easy-to-follow format with guidance included on how to get the best out of Let’s Talk…
  • Guided conversation ideas and activities relating to a chosen theme to help with positive engagement and cognitive stimulation.
  • Opportunity for new, enjoyable and meaningful conversations.
  • A document that can be printed off or used on a laptop or tablet. YouTube links are provided for the music.
  • No further resources are needed.
  • A new theme every two weeks.

This weeks theme is British Wildlife.

In Britain, we have so many lovely wild animals. Let's Talk will bring to mind some of them and you might even learn something new! Enjoy looking at the pictures and listening to some animal-inspired music!