Light Panel Sensory Activities

LIght Panel Sensory Activities

Light panels are a great way to engage older people living with a dementia. The backlit trays allow for translucent shapes to explore and enjoy tactile games of slotting them inside each other, matching colours and threading them on a lace.

Why not invest in a large assorted set of shapes that can be used for a wide variety of games - see our Translucent Colour Resource Set - with 634 different pieces, they can be used for threading, colour sorting, counting and stacking. Great for utilising fine motor skills and keeping concentration levels high.

These games are ideal for keeping brains active and the light helps keep good focus and concentration levels high. Invest in a Light Panel Container Cover and you can allow paint to be used, adding a new element to individual creativity.

Lightbox games are also great for anyone who is sight impaired and can be used individually or as a group activity.

Why not try our A3 Light Panel with some inexpensive Translucent Colour Sheets to allow colour play and overlay different colours on top of each other to see how they change?