New design. Help trigger memories about house-hold tasks, DIY and trade skills. A great activity for men with a dementia and encourages conversation and discussion. Seven different tactile activities to evoke memories of daily tasks around the home.

Designed for adults with dementia such as Alzheimer's, this large, free-standing board features a wide variety of common, day-to-day items that will be familiar and easily recalled. Seven different activities to do including padlock and key (key attached), bolt, door latch, bicycle bell, handle, gate latch, cogwheels.

Variety of textures and sounds that will evoke memories of daily tasks around the home.

The board can be used for:

  • Helping to build hand and finger muscle strength
  • Refining manual dexterity skills
  • Helping to trigger memories about house-hold tasks, home security, DIY, trade skills or domestic routines
  • Encouraging conversation and engagement, particularly with the men

Locks and Latches ia also suitable for use by adults with learning disabilities.

Board measures: (l) 60cm x (l) 50cm c (d) 8cm. Can be used either as a wall-mounted or table top activity.

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