All the old sayings ready to match together. Just find the two halves of each saying and match together. Great for encouraging conversation and reminiscence.

Designed by Activities to Share, we can guarantee heaps of fun and maximum participation with this very simple but very effective activity.

Proverbs and Similies are not only very popular for older people but are very easily recalled as they have been well learnt over the years from childhood to adulthood. This makes it an ideal activity for older people, particularly those with a dementia like Alzheimer's.
Match the Sayings© helps create conversation and recall moments from their past.

The aim of the game is simple, just find the two halves of the sentences and match together! No rules, no instructions just make it as easy or challenging as you wish.
Play it on a one-to-one basis or in a small group, great for generations to play together.

Set includes: 30 sayings to match on durable plastic with large print lettering. Answer card. Drawstring storage bag.

Size: Tiles: (l) various x (w) 3cm x (h) 0.3cm. Bag: (l) 33cm x (w) 24cm.


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