By popular request, Match The Song Titles Set 1, another game in the Match the ... series. 30 song titles from the 1940s - 1960s to match together. Ideal for small groups of people with dementia. Large bold text and chunky pieces that are easy to grip. Simple, fun game for older care home residents that provides some reminisce too. Songs include 'Anything You Can Do/I Can Do Better and many more.

Activity Ideas:

  • Using the crib sheet - hum the song and see if other players can guess the title.
  • Try to guess the title and then who sang the song too?
  • Using the crib sheet, try and draw the title on a sheet of paper - no words are allowed eg: Oranges and lemons/Say the Bells of St Clements - draw lemons, oranges and bells.

By popular request, Activities to Share have designed another game in the Match the ... series with small groups of older people in mind, particularly those with dementia. Large, bold text and chunky pieces that are easy to grip.

Why not get grandparents to play with younger family members for a fun activity.

Game contains 60 robust, plastic, wipe clean tiles containing 30 song titles from the 1940s - 1960s to match together.

Songs include:

"Anything You Can Do ....  I Can Do Better", "Thank Heaven for .... Little Girls", "Thats Why The Lady Is ....A Tramp" and many more.

A flexible resource which can also be used for reminiscing and/or combining with a singalong.

Game comes in a durable drawstring cotton bag.


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