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Beatles and Rolling Stones Karaoke DVD


All your favourites to perform to with this great Beatles and Rolling Stones karaoke DVD. Evoke Beatlemania or strut around like Mick Jagger! With 10 great tracks to sing along to, with a number of display options to choose from, the fun starts here!


Bingo Counters (Pack of 120)


Perfect for covering your Bingo numbers, these colourful plastic counters will last and last. Easily washable and enough for the largest group of players. Why not use with our Large Print Bingo cards too?


Bingo Dabber (Pack of 3)


Eyes down players! These handy bingo dabbers are just the thing to enhance your bingo experience. Three assorted colours - easier to use than counters that slip and slide off. Wipe off format.


Bingo Set


Bingo is one of the top ten activities for older people living in care homes or attending day centres. Encourages positive group interaction.

£64.99 £54.99