Brightly coloured wooden chunky pieces will keep hands and minds active. Helps practise fine motor skills with screwing and twisting the tactile shapes.

Brightly coloured chunky pieces will keep hands and minds active. Helps practise fine motor skills with screwing/unscrewing and twisting the tactile shapes.

Ideal for people with dementia such as Alzheimer's, the smooth pieces fit comfortably in the hand and the sturdy wooden 'towers' provide a long-lasting activity as the user works out how to twist, screw or unscrew to remove or replace them. The piece need to be organised into smaller to larger in able to fit correctly.

Pieces are vibrantly coloured to aid those with a sight impairment. Can also be used as a colour or shape matching game.

This durable product will be a great addition for a care or nursing home, day centre or hospital. Also ideal for schools or for those with a learning disability.

All wooden construction. 3 different shapes in consecutive sizes.

Size:  (l) 25cm x (w) 13cm.

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