*Includes resistance band* Same gentle seated exercise routines but this time using a resistance band to help increase muscle tone and flexibility.

*Includes resistance band* Same gentle exercise routines but this time using a resistance band to help increase muscle tone and flexibility.

Julie Robinson takes you through a set of eight different seated exercises to help you improve muscle strength. Set to gentle music, her easy to follow routines will inspire anyone to take part and keep their bodies supple.

Option for subtitles. Also incorporates resting between routines.

Muscle strength declines with age but this can be slowed and even reversed through regular progressive resistance training.

Many slips and falls are contributed to poor balance and with losing the ability to right oneself quickly - regular exercise can help stop this happening.

Great for a group activity - extra resistance bands can be purchesed Code: ERBR £3.99 each.

See video below:

Move it or Lose It are now doing exercise at home! With lots of routines, and new ones being uploaded, you can subscribe here:-

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