3D Water-based painting set that is easy to achieve, great for all abilities.

Create your own cute bird family scene - no need for paint, just brush on water and see the colours come alive.

Kit contains everything you need to decorate, then layer everything to produce a  professional-looking picture.

An easy activity for elderly care home coordinators.

Why not do this activity sitting outside in a garden or park? Discuss birdsong you may hear and try to identify which bird it belongs to. Remember to take along a damp cloth for any glue spills.

Extend the activity by playing Bird Bingo or seeing how many different bird species people can name.

People with difficulty in gripping may find our water brushes helpful. See out Art Accessories catagory.

Kit contains:

  • 24 paint-infused decorative sheets
  • 24 cut-out front sheets
  • 24 backing sheets - striped
  • 24 backing sheets - plain
  • 24 brushes
  • 2 x glue
  • Full instructions

Size: Finished picture measures (l) 30cm x (w) 23cm.

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