New Drug Innovation for Alzheimer's

New Drug Innovation for Alzheimer's

Researchers from University of Exeter believe they have found a new drug to relieve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease without suffering any of the frightening side effects that can often be experienced by patients. The drug (Pimavanserin) works by ‘blocking a specific nerve receptor in the brain’ and doesn’t produce heavy sedation, increase the deterioration of the disease or even worse, death in some.

The drug was tested on 180 people living with Alzheimer’s and who were experiencing psychosis. Leading professor of the research, Clive Ballard, stated:

‘People may experience paranoia, or see, hear or smell things that are not there…It’s particularly encouraging that most benefit was seen in those with the most severe psychotic symptom, as this group is most likely to be prescribed antipsychotics.’

Claire Bale, head of Research Communications and Engagement at Parkinson’s UK commented that although the drug is approved in the US, it is not yet available in the European Medicines Agency. She added:

‘It is now imperative that Pimavanserin goes through the European approval process to be made available to people who would benefit hugely from the drug.’

Further information on this can be found on Parkinson’s UK website or click on the link as follows:

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