Out on the Town - During Lockdown

Out on the Town - During Lockdown

With most of us confined to our homes while we endure the Coronovirus outbreak, many people are finding different ways to occupy their days. Many are sorting out old drawers and cupboards, some are taking up old hobbies they previously never found time for. People are reconnecting with friends and relatives by phone, letter and the internet.

Many older people who live in care and nursing homes will be no doubt missing visits from loved ones, but also from outside activity operators that provided welcome music and singing sessions enjoyed by all. These sessions allowed residents a fun, uplifting hour or two of shared enjoyment, laughter and often, reminiscence. More importantly, they provided an escape from the everyday routine and repetition.

What is more, singing has been proved to be good for both our mental and physical health. The deeper breathing that accompanies singing is good for our lungs and heart and many well-known songs utilise memory and reminiscence skills. If musical instruments are used in addition, then this gives enhanced benefits. Banging a drum or waving a scarf in time to the beat has been shown to have beneficial effects for those living with dementia.

Activities to Share can provide a wide range of musical singalong CD and songbook sets, playalong instruments and accessories that can be delivered right to your door.

Why not go the whole way and have a musical evening? Encourage residents to wear some evening wear and maybe add some makeup and jewellery or even a bow tie? Arrange chairs to replicate a theatre and give ‘tickets’ to everyone (maybe have a raffle number on the reverse and a prize or two during an ‘interval’?).

Download the link below to view Katherine Jenkins’ ‘ Believe – Live at the O2 Concert’ (running time 1 hour 21 mins). The concert features a full orchestra, dancers and Katherine’s wonderful voice with a mixed selection of beautiful songs that will appeal to all.

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