Painting And Colouring For All Abilities

Painting and Colouring for All Abilities

Many older care home residents enjoy the tactile feel of painting and the repetitive action of colouring, both can provide easy relaxation and can help with anxiety. These pastimes can be helpful in allowing the mind to drift away from everyday worries and provide a sense of wellbeing and achievement. People of all abilities can enjoy drawing their own designs, colouring in a ready made image or simple stencilling patterns. We even have Easy Grip Brushes that fit into the palm for anyone with weak grip or arthritis.

There is something for all budding artists here. From simple Chunky Paintbrushes and bold easy outline painting books to detailed paint-by-numbers kits, we have it all.

You can create a piece of art to hang with our Canvas Art Boards. Our paint sets range from Neon Finger Paints to large Poster Paint sets for a cost-effective way of providing paint for groups.

Another fun idea is our Sealife Paint Roller set - just pour paint into a tray and roll to cover - then apply to plain paper to get instant effects. Ideal for anyone who has difficulty in gripping a paintbrush.

For extra texture, take a look at our Craft Accessories too.

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Art Easel - Double Sided


Tap into your artistic side with our versatile wooden Art Easel. Features a dry wipe magnetic whiteboard on one side, with a traditional blackboard on the other. Includes a paper roll which can easily be affixed to the easel, four paint pots, a board eraser and 12 sticks of coloured chalk. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. Ideal for anyone seated and keeps paint and accessories easily to hand.


Paper Roll for Easel (15m)


Replacement Paper Roll for Art Easel (ART127) or other art projects. So versatile and means you never need run out of paper again. Sustainably sourced bright white paper on a 15 metre roll. Great for use in care home art projects, schools and colleges. Only 30cm width so easy to store for when you need it. Means you can do art projects of any size.