Perfect Christmas Gifts For Older People

Many people find it difficult buying for older relatives, often because their choices are often narrowed to the old tried and trusted slippers, gloves or cardigan for fear of getting it wrong. This year, why not give them something to make them really smile and even give them some much needed fun! 

Just as we love to buy toys for children and can imagine them laughing and giggling as they merrily tear off the wrapping paper, why shouldn’t we want to do the same for those in later years?  Many us play it safe by going for the ‘something useful’ option but how would we feel if all we ever got were socks, bath salts or winter woollies?

Keeping Active Gifts For Older People

Here at Activities to Share, we have a huge range of products especially designed for older people who are young at heart, like our Giant Inflatable Hoopla game – guaranteed to raise a laugh and good for gentle exercise too! This is just one of a range of inflatable games we offer that can even be played sitting down for anyone who is disabled or unable to stand. 

Golfing enthusiasts will love our Golf Putting Mat; complete with fabric ‘green’, integral ‘sand pit’ and ‘water hazard’, short club and 6 balls, your game will never be rained off! Why not have an indoor family competition for added Christmas fun! 

If you want something more challenging then take a look at our Chair Crazy Golf set. Made from sturdy wood with 2 x putters, 2 balls and 6 obstacles, this will make a great Christmas present for those difficult-to-choose-for men.

Mind-Challenging Gifts For Older People

Now that the chilly days are upon us, many elderly people like nothing better than sitting by the cosy fire doing puzzles. Proven to keep symptoms of dementia at bay, our huge range can offer something for people of all abilities – even for those who are in advanced stages of a dementia such as Alzheimer’s. All our jigsaws are made of sturdy hardwearing board or plastic and start from super-simple 9 pieces up to 250 pieces. Each has been chosen for its adult-appropriate image and all are packed with detail to keep the player’s interest high. Our Midwinter 250 large piece puzzle is perfect with its Christmassy snowy theme.

For anyone who has a sight-impairment, our Easy Large Print Puzzle books will be just the thing! Jam packed with word searches, crosswords and quizzes, these will be a delight for anyone to complete. Take a look at our Quizzes and Crosswords section to view our whole range.  

Music Lover Gifts For Older People

Everyone loves to sing along to their favourite songs, why not treat someone to our Ultimate Musicals Karaoke DVD. They can reminisce whilst seeing well-loved scenes unfold from their favourite films and will enjoy singing along to the words. We stock a huge range of music CDs and DVDs so check out our website now, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. 

So, why not break with tradition and give your loved one something they will really enjoy this year. All at competitive prices and quick delivery. Place your order now and beat the Christmas rush.

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