Quizzes and crosswords for care homes

In our extensive product range, we stock a number of care home activities that are designed specifically with older people in mind, helping patients with dementia and also providing older patients with common ground over which to socialise. Amongst our wide selection of products, we can provide puzzles and various games which pose a mental challenge.

Fun And Stimulation With Quizzes And Crosswords For Care Homes

Activities such as quizzes and crosswords provide enjoyable mental stimulation. The books and activities that we sell are specifically designed to be age appropriate and provide a means of mental stimulation that is enjoyable as well as beneficial. They also provide encouragement for socialisation between residents. Activities such as Large Print Criss Cross Books and Large Print Wordsearch books provide excellent opportunities for individuals to exercise their minds in formats that are easy to read, especially for those who may have a sight impairment.

To encourage socialising, our nostalgic activity books can help older people to bond over common ground and encourage interaction. Quiz activities such as the Reminiscence Quiz Book, the Classic Quiz Book, Finishing Lines and Musical Quiz are perfect for older people to solve together, sparking conversations and reminiscence.

Our range of quizzes, crosswords and other general activity books and sets make for excellent care home activities. These are fun, low cost activities for elderly people of all abilities, including those with dementia, making them especially suitable for use in care homes and day centres.

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