Reminiscence Box - Time to Play.

Activity Ideas

  • Display the items on a table and ask participants to select any they recognise. Ask them to talk about how they played with it. Who did they play with? Did they have a best friend?
  • Use the glove puppet to enact a few gestures (jumping, twisting, crying, hugging). Talk about popular children's programmes from the past (Andy Pandy, The Wooden Tops, Tom & Jerry and Bugs Bunny) how many others can they remember?
  • Does anyone remember skipping games? What songs did they sing? Can they remember the words to them? (Salt, Mustard, Vinegar, Pepper or A Sailor Went To Sea, Sea, Sea?) For more about playground games/chants of the 60s click on the link.

Up to 12 traditional toys in a pretty storage box make this a wonderful reminiscence resource for older people.

The Time to Play collection can be used as part of a group reminiscence session with a 'schools days' or 'childhood theme' or to help engage in conversation with an individual.

Great to use as a group reminiscence therapy in a care home or for a one-to-one chat.

Why not see how many nursery rhymes you can remember too?

Items are carefully chosen for nostalgic appeal and are made from a variety of materials that have good tactile quality.

Housed in an attractive box for storage.

See also our 1950/60s Household Reminiscence Kit and At the Beach Reminiscence Kit.

Sizes and materials may vary.


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