Play all your favourite tunes with our Retro Jukebox, with a 21st Century twist.

Become the DJ in your home or care home with this Retro Jukebox. With its lovely old-style design, you can bring back fond memories with the Jukebox.

With Steepletone's cutting edge technology, it brings the 21st century to the jukebox! With it's integrated Amazon Alexa Dot Gen2, it will bring the vintage jukebox alive. Just ask Alexa what songs you would like to hear and it will play.

All you need to do to use this feature is to connect your Alexa with an Amazon account. Alexa is so easy to use that it's suitable for anyone of any age. It doesn't just play music either - you can ask Alexa to remind you about when you need to take your medication or when you have tasks planned. You can also catch up on the news, and listen to any radio station. And with this, the jukebox still has all of its fantastic original features, like Radio, CD, MP3 and Bluetooth.