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Shadow Figures - Set 1


Shadow Figures game is suitable for all abilities. Just use the building blocks to replicate the shadow shape on the template - on both sides. A game that utilises spacial thinking, planning and hand/eye coordination skills. Makes an ideal activity for care home residents - keeps minds engaged to stave off boredom. Also good for anyone with a dementia. Pieces made from eco-friendly beech wood.

£59.99 £44.99

Shadow Skyline Diagonal Extension Set


Additional fun for your Shadow Skyline set, these Diagonal Extension templates add more of a challenge as they are set in a diagonal angle! Set includes 20 laminated template cards with corner rails to support and instructions. Use the blocks from your existing game to form the shapes. Great for practising hand/eye coordination and spacial thinking skills for older care home residents. The ultimate way to beat the boredom!


The Big Quiz


It's time to see who has the biggest brain with this trivia game. 600 questions on general knowledge, geography, music, food, movies and animals - this will put your trivia know-how to the test!

£16.99 £12.75

Scratch Art Key Ring (Set of 6)


Make your own unique key ring with this fun Scratch Art set. Includes everything you need to make six key rings each with a hanging chain. Just scratch your own design onto the black insert with the stylus and assemble for a professional finish!

£4.99 £3.49

Scratch Art Sheets Sea Life A4 (Pack of 4)


Professional results with minimum skill needed. Trace the sea-animal shapes with the stencil and fill them in with your own designs to create holographic creatures. Includes 2 silver holographic and 2 multicolour holographic Scratch Art Boards.

£4.99 £3.49

Shadow Figures Set (Set 1 & 2 Combined)


Get both Shadow Figures Sets 1 & 2 combined in this Shadow Figures Set. Money saving and enables play from easiest level right through to more advanced. Use the building blocks to replicate the shadow shape on the template - on both sides (not as easy as it looks). Game utilises spacial thinking, planning and hand/eye coordination skills. Eco friendly tactile wooden shapes that fit neatly in the hand. Ideal care home resident activity to stop boredom.

£129.99 £97.50

Shadow Forms Extension Set


Our Shadow Forms Extension Set allows you to extend the shadow shapes from your existing Shadow Games set to make a wealth of imaginative shapes to copy. Set includes different eco friendly wooden block styles to add. A perfect tactile activity for older people in care homes to engage with and help with spacial thinking and hand/eye contact skills.

£99.99 £75.00

Shadow Skylines Game


Engage your care home residents with this Shadow Skylines Game. Try to match the shadow shapes by assembling the wooden shapes to replicate them - from both angles! Can be enjoyed individually or as a team game. Utilises spacial thinking, planning and hand/eye coordination. Great tactile dementia-friendly activity. Eco friendly beech wood pieces.

£169.99 £118.99

Nostalgic Colouring Cards (set of 12)


A useful set of cards for all occasions just waiting for colour to be added. Mix of cards including 2 x Thank You cards and 2 x beach-themed postcards.

£19.99 £13.99

Dot to Dot Colouring Pad - Wild Animals


Join the dots to reveal 40 wild animals in their native habitats. Pages increase in difficulty, starting at 1-25 to 1-50. Also features a seek and find activity on each page. Great for sequencing and numeracy skills.

£6.99 £5.25

Wobbling Tower Game


Build the tower, roll the dice and select the corresponding brick. Just make sure your tower doesn't wobble and fall. Cheerful bright colours and large numerals.

£14.99 £11.99

Four In A Row


A slightly larger version of the familiar favourite, beautifully made in wood. Easy to handle and see - a great tactile activity for people of all abilities.

£39.99 £27.99

Doorbell House Tactile Activity


Ring the doorbell and peek inside this Doorbell House Tactile Activity. Made from sturdy wood, each side has an opening door with a bell to ring and includes 4 play people. You can even lock/unlock each door and never lose the key as they are securely fastened to a long tape for ease of use. Ideal for older people with a dementia - the action of locking/unlocking doors helps with reminisce therapy. Also keeps hands busy and minds occupied.

£44.99 £35.99

Motor Skills Towers


Brightly coloured wooden chunky pieces will keep hands and minds active. Helps practise fine motor skills with screwing and twisting the tactile shapes.

£24.99 £15.99

Bead Maze


Tactile Wooden Bead Maze will keep anyone's interest for a long time. Older people will love to manipulate the coloured beads along the wire maze to get from one side to the other. Utilises fine motor skills, helps with hand/eye coordination and can improve concentration levels. Ideal for anyone living with a dementia and also people who are sight impaired.

£39.99 £27.99

Inflatable Pond Toss Game


A fun game for players of all abilities - especially good for keeping active. Try to keep your 'frog' alive by tossing them into the 'safe' targets.

£64.99 £45.49

Paper Hand Fans - Box of 12


Keep cool during this summer with our stylish Paper Hand Fans. Coming in a box of 12, you will have plenty to hand out to the residents in your care home. Can also be used as a fitness accessory with musical sessions to help keep older wrists and hands supple, the low price means you can have one for each hand. Also available singly.

£5.99 £4.49

The Big Games Night


Everything you need for a fun night in! Fun set of games to play to get everyone up and laughing. Set includes: Charades, Who am I?, Back To The Drawing Board & Don't Say A Word, dice, timer, pencils, answer pad, 4 x headbands and instructions.

£16.99 £12.75

Fabric Paint Pens (pack of 5 assorted)


Design your own textiles with our Fabric Paint Pens - one each of yellow, green, blue, red and black. So easy to use and make a great fun craft activity for older care home residents. Colours glide onto any fabric for a permanent washable effect. Why not design a group tablecloth with matching napkins? Great tactile activity for anyone with a dementia.

£19.99 £15.99

Watercolour Paint Set 2 (Pack of 24 x 12ml tubes)


Create your own masterpiece with this versatile Watercolour Paint set. 24 different artist colours in 12ml tubes to suit everyone's taste. Would make a thoughtful gift for a create loved one, or why not buy a set for group art sessions such as a care home or day centre? Can be used with our Paint Mixing Palette to create even more hues and our Watercolour Brush Set has 10 assorted styles of brush that will give great background washes right through to the smallest detailed highlight. Art is the perfect way to relax the mind and can help with depression and negative thoughts. As you rhythmically stroke the brush, you mind can 'switch off' and leave you feeling happier and with a feeling of achievement.

£15.99 £13.99

Game Bundle - Traditional Twist


We've saved you time and effort by carefully selecting games where people of all abilities can join in the fun. Ideal for older people in care homes.

£59.99 £47.99

Doodles Painting Books for adults (set of 4)


23 detailed pictures to colour or paint in each book. Choose from: Landscapes, Transport, Coasts or Famous Castles and Houses. A lovely relaxing activity.


Paint Tray - 3 Sections


You can use three colours at any one time with our great paint tray. Saves colours getting messy and the ridged slope helps with getting excess paint off. Can also be used for glue and glitter etc too.

£4.99 £4.25

Ultra Fine Mist Sprayer (4pk)


Create unique fine spray effects with this Ultra Fine Mist Sprayer set. Four atomiser-effect spray bottles - just fill with diluted paint and spray. Build up layers of different colours, or different tints of the same colour. Especially good for older people who may have difficulty in gripping a paintbrush as these just need a press to work. Great used with our Watercolour Paint Sets and Artist Canvas Boards. Why not get a few sets for group art therapy sessions? Also good for anyone with a dementia - lovely tactile way to enjoy art.

£3.99 £3.40

Country Scene Rollers (Set of 5)


Now anyone can make a beautiful country scene with the minimum of skill needs. These five themed rollers add a professional touch - just add your own painted highlights such as flowers, birds or people - or use stickers (see below).

£8.99 £7.19

Sealife Scene Rollers (Set of 5)


Set of five fun sealife-themed rollers that give professional results with no fuss. Just dip into paint and roll to make a perfect shape each time.

£8.99 £7.19

Sandcastle Mould


Our Sandcastle Mould is so easy to get professional results each time. Just fill the flexible mould with our Moulding Sand, pat down and turn out for a perfect sandcastle.

£1.99 £0.99

Star Spinner Wind Wheel


Multicoloured wind wheel with tails to create a spiral in the wind. This Star Spinner Wind Wheel comes complete with line and swivel, attaches easily to windsock pole eyelet. Lovely to hang in the garden to add interest. Makes a fun garden party accessory and is also lovely to cheer up a care home garden for older residents. Size: 76cm diameter with 120cm tails.

£12.99 £10.39

Wetland Birds Sound Book


Another in our popular series of sound books. Just press the button to hear the call of the wetland species you choose. Also full of interesting facts on each species. Thick board pages and batteries included.

£19.99 £15.99

Sensory Snap


A tactile game with a purpose - feel and match the tiles to the images or group into themes. Ideal for use as a cognitive therapy for people of all abilities.

£29.99 £25.49

Cogs Mini Board


Keep fingers busy with this table top cogs activity. Perfectly sized to fit on a lap or table top and made from smooth wood. Makes a lovely tactile game for anyone confined to a bed or chair and the cogs are interchangeable.

£26.99 £17.99

Magnetic Alphabet and Numbers Set


Can you spell everyone's names correctly? What about their age too? Colourful letters, numbers and symbols that are easy to grip for older hands. Makes a great activity for dementia patients too. Fully washable. 99 pieces.

£14.99 £12.74

Empathy Doll - Anna


Anna is guaranteed to melt everyone's heart with her impish smile, gingham dress and knitted red cardigan. Her 'wayward' hair is tied in pigtails. Used extensively for doll therapy with people living with a dementia. Helps to evoke caring instincts and alleviate stress.

£99.99 £87.99

Empathy Doll - Maria


Empathy doll - Maria is ideal for those with dementia - she is the perfect size and weight for cuddling! Her lovely bright t-shirt and tactile corduroy dress will give hours of pleasure! Ideal for use with doll therapy, she makes a perfect companion and her clothes are removable and can be machine washed. Soft-bodied doll can be sponge cleaned.

£99.99 £87.99

Empathy Doll - Ida


Empathy Doll Ida, is specially designed for people with a dementia to nurture and care for. Dolls have weighted bottoms, making them ideal to cradle on the hip. Removable outfits are machine washable and dolls can be sponge cleaned. Empathy dolls can help soothe and comfort older people and help unlock nurturing instincts.

£99.99 £87.99

Empathy Doll - Meiya


With her stripey top, comfy jeans and cheeky smile, Empathy Doll Meiya is our most popular companion for people with dementia.Empathy dolls have weighted bottoms and feel just like the real thing. Ideal for use in doll therapy for people living with dementia to help evoke nurturing instincts.

£99.99 £87.99

Empathy Doll Kid - Alma


Empathy Doll Kid - Alma has all the features of our full sized Empathy dolls but in a smaller size. Dolls can encourage nurturing instincts and make a lovely companion to cuddle. Will fit our Vintage Dolls Pram. Removable clothes and washable.

£59.99 £52.79

Match the Song Titles© Set 2


Match the Song Titles - Set 2. 30 additional popular song titles to match up from across the decades. Will appeal to all ages and abilities. Example: 'Show Me the Way/To Go Home' and more. Chunky washable pieces with large bold text that are easy to grip for older care home residents. Great reminiscence game for anyone with a dementia.

£34.99 £29.75

Match The Film Title© Set 2


Match the Film Title - Set 2, a fun new addition to our Match The... series. Place the tiles face down on a table and try to match up the well-known film halves e.g. Play Misty/For Me, When Harry/Met Sally etc. 30 different well-known films to match (60 tiles). Large, bold print and highly durable. An ideal activity for older people with a dementia - aids memory recall and discussion. Wipe clean plastic tiles with laminated answer card and handy cotton storage bag.

£34.99 £29.75

Match the Catchphrase©


Match the Catchphrase - an amusing new addition to our ever popular series of 'Match' sets. Just match the catchphrase with its meaning i.e. A Penny For Your Thoughts/What's On Your Mind. Makes the perfect game for older care home residents as the chunky tiles are easy to grip and the large bold print is easy to read.

£34.99 £29.75

Link and Think - Hobbies


Specially designed to open up communication and thought processes of people playing. No right or wrong answers and can lead to discussion and reminiscence.

£17.99 £15.74

Giant Toppling Tower


Stack the blocks and try not to make them fall in this colourful game of crashes! Play against friends and family as you take turns to remove a block from the tower and place it on the top. Watch out though, one false move will bring the whole tower toppling down!

£39.99 £31.99

Humpty Dumpty Wall Game


You will need skill and strategy with this Humpty Dumpty Wall game. Played similarly to Jenga, build the wall, decide who starts..then take it in turn to gently slide out one brick at a time but mind you don't knock poor old Humpty off his wall! Great game that can help practise hand/eye co-ordination and strategic thinking skills. 2 players. Good for activity coordinators to use as a reminiscence therapy aid for older people with dementia. 2 players.

£19.99 £17.59

Catch a Bug Magnetic Game


Wooden fishing game with a difference - here you can catch an assortment of pretty bugs. Try and place the magnetic rod on the right place to hook your insect. Large pieces that are easy to grip for older hands. Why not have a discussion about how many you have seen and where? 10 bugs to catch.

£12.99 £11.44

Magnetic Labyrinth Pathfinder


Who can get their coloured balls into the centre first! Can be played by two people racing against each other or individually as a fun activity to help practise hand/eye coordination.

£44.99 £35.99

Dice Cards


Easier to read and won't roll off a table, these dice cards will be a real boon to people of all abilities. Simply place face down and pick one.

£2.99 £1.50

Playing Card and Dice Set


Neat little set for any games fan. Set includes 2 packs of playing cards and a set of 5 dice all housed in a nice little box with lid. Makes a great gift for a loved one.

£5.99 £3.49

250 Large Piece Puzzle - Seaside Special


All aboard the Seaside Special! Heaps of colour and action in this typical English railway scene. 250 large pieces (average puzzle size 3.5cm). Made from sturdy board.

£12.99 £11.70

250 Large Piece Puzzle - Trip to the Seaside


Punch and Judy, Swingball and what's that naughty pup doing? So much detail in this fun scene to appeal to any puzzle fan. 250 large 3.6cm pieces.

£12.99 £11.70

250 Large Piece Puzzle - Seagull View


You can almost smell the fish and chips and hear the seagull's cry with this lively puzzle. So much interesting detail to find whilst assembling - and all with easy to hold 3.6cm large pieces. Makes the perfect gift for an older loved one.

£12.99 £11.70

250 Large Piece Puzzle - Duck Pond


This happy scene will bring back many happy memories of fishing in the local pond for newts, water snails etc. Large 3.6cm pieces to help older hands grip and also makes a great reminiscence aid. Why not team with our Explore the Rockpools Hobby Bundle to make an all-round sensory experience?

£12.99 £11.70

250 Large Piece Puzzle - Sunday Picnic


Fish paste sandwiches and a flask of tea - how many people can remember the Sunday village picnic? Great for reminiscence, this large piece puzzle has big 3.6cm pieces for easy gripping. Makes a great gift for an older loved one.

£12.99 £11.70

250 Large Piece Puzzle - A Grand Day Out


All aboard please! This jigsaw features the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway with lots of excited people ready to board the steam train. Makes a great gift for any age but especially for an older person due to its large 3.6cm pieces that are easy to hold.

£12.99 £11.70

250 Large Piece Puzzle - Kitty Litter


While mum's away, the kittens are at play! These mischievous kittens are up to no good but how they make us smile! Cheerful jigsaw puzzle scene to bring happiness to any puzzle fan. Large 3.6cm pieces for easy gripping.

£12.99 £11.70

250 Large Piece Puzzle - Taking it Easy


Lazing about on the river - in style, you can almost hear the birdsong. Durable board 3.6cm large pieces make this suitable for anyone to complete.

£12.99 £11.70

500 Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Tuppenny Treats


Do you remember how you used to spend your Tuppenny at the local shop? Recall fond memories with our big 500 Piece Tuppenny Treats Puzzle. Larger than average 3.5cm pieces that are easier to grip and place for older people. Make a perfect gift for an older relative and can lead to reminiscing about past childhood memories.

£15.99 £12.99

500 Large Piece Puzzle - Noah's Ark


People of all abilities can enjoy assembling this 500 Large Piece Noah's Ark Puzzle as the larger 3.6cm sized pieces are easier to grip and place. So much detail to keep interest levels high and makes a great conversation starter - why not do with another person? Jigsaws can help engage the mind and aid stress relief in people of all ages.

£15.99 £12.99

500 Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Faerie Dell


Enchanting Faerie Dell puzzle for all jigsaw fans - this 500 Piece puzzle makes for more of a challenge, but with the larger than average 3.6cm pieces, it's still very easy to handle and put together. Ideal for older care home residents and make the perfect gift idea for a loved one.

£15.99 £12.99

250 Large Piece Puzzle - Fairground Rides


All the fun of the fair with fun on the Helter Skelter, Gallopers and Coconut Shy - a scene to evoke happy memories with just 250 large 3.6cm pieces.

£12.99 £11.70

Margo & Daniel O'Donnell 2 x CD & Songbook


Sing along to 28 heart-warming songs from the popular brother and sister from County Donegal in Ireland. Includes A4 large print songbook. Easy listening at its best with a wide range of simple sing along tunes from the singing duo.

£14.99 £12.74

Hope & Inspiration 2 x CD & Songbook Set


40 soothing and uplifting songs to lift your mood. A gentle mix of hymns and spiritual songs to sing along to. Includes A4 large print songbook that can be photocopied to enable large groups to enjoy singing along to these favourite tunes.

£14.99 £12.99

Tropical Oceans DVD


NEW FORMAT.Create calm in the residents lounge with this relaxing DVD - transforms your TV into a virtual underwater world! Seven different scenes to choose from and eight backing sound effects too! Ideal to relax and soothe anyone with a dementia or to enhance the mood and feeling of wellbeing in any care or nursing home.

£9.99 £4.49

Doilies Gold and Silver (Pack of 40)


Pretty filigree paper doilies in assorted sizes that come in gold and silver colour. Lovely for any art and craft project. Why not cut them up to make unique collage effects? Lovely for Christmas parties - why not add a bit of sparkle around the edges with some Glitter Glue? Ensure it is dry before placing food on top. Can be cut in half and rolled into cone shapes - add some wings and there you have an angel - just add a face and some hair!

£5.99 £4.99

What's in the Box - small


Let us select end-of-line activities for you from across the categories and save you time and money.


What's in the Box - Large


A mystery box filled with great fun activities for all to enjoy.


Activity Cushion© - Orange


Bring the summer vibes into any care home with our new 'sunshine orange Activity Cushion. Vibrant and bright, this cushion will help keep fidgety hands busy with its sensory laces, soft fleece material and buttons to undo, whilst bringing in a sense of the outdoors into the indoors.

£64.99 £48.74

Activity Cushion© 3


A new vibrant addition to our popular product adorned with great tactile attachments to keep restless hands occupied.

£64.99 £48.74

Automatic Card Shuffler


A great addition to any card game and ideal for anyone who finds it difficult to manipulate cards. children love to use it to make card games fun! Includes two packs of cards.

£14.99 £12.74

Casino Games Set


Host your own casino night with our classic Casino Games set. Complete with 200 poker chips, 2 packs of cards, felt playing mat and all stored in a neat rack. Great for any club, care home or organisation. Older people in particular will enjoy this high quality set.

£24.99 £15.48

Timeslide Conversation Album - Holiday


Lovely album of high quality images with helpful questions on the reverse to help trigger conversation.15 images in a sturdy album designed for use with anyone living with a dementia. Great for care and nursing homes or hospitals.

£17.99 £15.74

Timeslide Conversation Album - Home


15 evocative high quality images with questions on the reverse to help prompt discussion. A great addition to any care or nursing home.

£17.99 £15.74

Timeslide Conversation Album - Loves


Ideal for people living with a dementia, this lovely illustrated set of cards help prompt memories and aid conversation.15 evocative high quality images with questions on the reverse.

£17.99 £14.99

Rainbow Boa


Put the fun into fitness with our lovely rainbow feather boa. Lightweight and around 183cm long, this is guaranteed to add glamour to any occasion.

From £8.99

1960 Reminiscence Floor Mat


Free bean bags offer! Take a trip down memory lane and keep fit at the same time. Just throw a bean bag onto a random question and try to answer (or nominate another player?) Can be played seated or standing.

£49.99 £27.49

Hazard Putting Mat


Practise your putting like a pro with this handy anywhere Hazard Putting Mat. 2 metres long and even returns the ball! Complete with 'water' and 'sand' hazard to make it more challenging.

£24.99 £19.99

Soft Doll - Mandie


100% huggable, Mandie is sure to captivate anyone with her winning smile and pretty outfit. Made from soft cotton, Mandie will neatly fit our pram. 35cm tall.

£19.99 £17.49

Soft Doll Katie


Katie just loves to be hugged and with her cheeky smile, brings a sense of comfort and companionship. Katie will fit nicely into our pram.

£19.99 £17.49

8 Piece Classic Farm Peg Puzzle (With Sounds)


Everyone can enjoy being down on the farm with this puzzle with added extras. Place an animal piece correctly in the puzzle board and listen to it play. Then remove each piece to discover the identity of each of the farm pieces. Raised pegs make it easy to grip for older hands and is an ideal activity for anyone with a sight impairment. Requires 2 x AAA batteries.

£14.99 £11.81

8 Piece Musical Instruments Peg Puzzle (With Sounds)


Place an instrument piece correctly in the puzzle board and listen to it play. Then remove each piece to discover the identity of each of the instruments. Raised pegs make it easy to grip for older hands. This Musical Instruments Sound Puzzle makes a great sensory and tactile activity for people with a sight impairment or for anyone with dementia. Requires 2 x AAA batteries.

£14.99 £11.81

48 Large Piece Underwater Floor Puzzle


Vibrant sea creatures will delight with this giant 48 Large Piece Underwater Floor Puzzle. Lovely chunky pieces that are easy to grip for older hands and the detail will keep concentration levels high while assembling. Wipe clean durable board pieces for good hygiene making this a great activity for care home residents. Finished puzzle measures 60cm x 90cm. Boxed.

£14.99 £12.74

63 Large Piece Plastic Puzzle - City Dusk


Enchanting image of London's Tower Bridge after snowfall will delight any puzzle enthusiast. Large chunky pieces make this ideal for all abilities. Ideal for anyone living with a dementia as the scene can often evoke past memories of snowy winters. Why not team with a Memorabilia Pack - Christmas Past to trigger more happy nostalgic memories of adverts, toys and news items.

£19.99 £17.49

35 Large Piece Puzzle - Cats Whiskers


Everyone's enjoying the spilt milk with this 35 Large Piece Puzzle - Cats Whiskers. Larger-than-average board pieces are easy to grip for older hands and the colourful image will encourage care home residents to chat about the scene. Ideal for anyone with a dementia as this activity can encourage reminiscence and keeps hands busy. Completed picture is incorporated into the box lid - makes it easy to follow. Size: Box: (w) 31cm x (h) 22cm x (d) 2cm. See also Road Trip and Cat's Whiskers 35 piece puzzles.

£19.99 £17.50

Paper Chain - Union Jack


Make your party extra fun with this Union Jack Paper Chain kit. No licking -just peel off the double-sided tape and attach the two ends to make a circle - then loop another through and do it again to make a long 10 metre chain. 200 paper links.

£3.99 £3.60

Sensory Wall Panel Set - Touch 1


Tactile fun for all abilities with our Sensory Wall Panel Set - Touch 1. Fill the elasticated bags with sensory items for users to discover - you could use large pebbles, shells, scented lavender bags or a toy car? Prod and squish the foam blocks and push and twist the wooden cylinders that are all different heights and pressure resistances. Great for older care home residents that have a tendency to wander - this will keep their interest level high and is safe to use. Tactile wall games can help improve CQC ratings.

£329.99 £230.99

Sensory Wall Panel Set - Touch 2


Decorative wall games have high appeal for care home residents especially for those with a dementia. This Sensory Wall Panel Set - Touch 2 invites users to stroke and finger the ridges and valleys that the tactile materials offer. These include: birch wood rods, foam rubber, artificial turf, cork and fur that give a varied tactile experience. Wall games and panels brighten up a dull wall and can help improve CQC ratings for care homes.

£269.99 £188.99

Sensory Wall Panel Set - Sounds 1


Add a sensory experience to a plain wall with this Sensory Wall Panel Set - Sounds 1, with its array of different sound effects it will engage care home residents - especially those with a dementia. Wind the wheel around and listen to the fun click-clack as it passes over the rubber slats, roll the smooth metal balls along to hear different auditory effects or pass the wooden balls up and down the different grooved posts - making 5 different sounds to enjoy. Guaranteed to keep minds engaged and provides tactile fun for restless hands.

£329.99 £230.99

Sensory Wall Panel Set - Sounds 2


Enhance a plain wall and add extra fun for your residents, this Sensory Wall Panel Set - Sounds 2 keeps anyone amused as they play with the different attachments. Rotate the Rainmaker box and listen to the pebbles gently fall, making a swishing sound, tap on the furry tambourine to provide a soft thud and slide the wooden slats against each other to make a fun clatter sound. Ideal for older people living with a dementia as they often like to wander around and this keeps anyone engaged in a safe way.

£349.99 £244.99

Sensory Wall Panel Set - Visual 1


Our Sensory Wall Panel Set - Visual 1 is a feast for the eyes and adds interest to a plain wall in a care home. With an array of different effects to catch the attention, enjoy the way the light plays on the centre panel of mirrored effects, or roll the cylinders to get different visual effects from each. Twist the movable mirrored panels to see yourself or areas around the room in a new light. These activity panels are particularly good for older residents living with a dementia as they help to engage and amuse anyone passing by.

£329.99 £230.99

Sensory Wall Panel Set - Visual 2


Enhance interest levels in your care home with this Sensory Wall Panel set - Visual 2. These wooden panels can brighten up a plain wall and help engage older care home residents - especially anyone with a dementia. Features include: Flutter discs that make different sounds as they spin and flutter down the 3 different metal poles, centre panel with an optical illusion - can you see the grey crosses that don't actually exist? and 3 rotating cylinders with different colour effects when spinning. Guaranteed to keep restless hands busy and minds occupied.

£339.99 £237.99

Creative Art Wall Paper


Allow care home residents to be creative at any time of the day with this Creative Art Wall Paper set. Lovely large drawing area and allows a constant supply of paper to be reeled off and held securely, with a useful tray to hold crayons. Can be attached anywhere on a flat surface - particularly ideal for residents living with a dementia or could be attached lower down to be used by anyone in a wheelchair. Can also be used as a scoreboard, hangman, noughts and crosses games and so many other uses. Beech construction for high quality, long lasting use.

£289.99 £202.99