Sensory and Tactile Stimulation for Care Home Residents

Sensory Stimulation for all Abilities

Anyone living with a dementia can find life confusing and isolating. Handling soft and tactile items can often re-invigorate their memories and can lead to meaningful discussion and returning memories. Our thoughtfully produced range includes tactile cushions and stimulating tactile games, such as Touch and Match, which is suitable for all abilities - especially for anyone who is sight impaired.

  • comforting fabrics - soft fleeces and colourful cottons are soothing to touch and help alleviate stress
  • brain appeal - our games utilise memory, organisational and matching skills
  • all abilities - suitable for all abilities - also for those with a sight impairment
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Wonky Tower


Our fun Wonky Tower game provides opportunities for colour matching and stacking - if you can! Sloping edges make this a challenge - how fast can you stack yours? Long lasting wooden stacking pieces with flocked surfaces for better friction. Great fun for older people and can promote dexterity, spatial thinking, planning and concentration. Helps stops boredom and keeps minds active.